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A cloud-native company, Beaconhouse Technology is known for its digital services. Digital strategists, technologists, designers, and thought leaders make up the majority of our diverse team. Together, we aim to digitally transform businesses and co-invent the future by bringing in our unique expertise from a diverse portfolio of industries. Our capabilities range from developing Industry 4.0 innovative e-solutions for e-commerce, B2B, retail businesses, and digital marketing services, to creating unique experiences and streamlining processes for top consumer brands. Our mission is to transform the way humans interact with technology by discovering unique opportunities in unexplored territories.

Our Core Values:

Taking the legacy of the Beaconhouse IT department forward, at ‘Beaconhouse Technology’, we work around the following 3Es: EMPLOYEE EXCELLENCE EFFICIENCY For us, our employees are the most important asset – we believe in the continued success of our employees by providing them a happy workplace. How do we do that? We believe in being an employee-centric company where our employees bring in the blend of excellence and values. The encouraging and respectful environment here motivates them to perform their best and produce excellence and thus this cycle continues. Thus, both sides of our coin (employees and customers) are shining bright.




Meet Our Team

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Aslam Sharif

Head of Beaconhouse Technology
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Abdul Rasheed

Head of Business Development
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Sulman Arshad

Head of Network & Infrastructure
John Doe

Syed Khuram Raza

Head of Finance
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Rizwan Javed

Head Digital Marketing
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Hussnain Ahmed

Head of Software Development
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Maham Javaid

Recruitment Lead
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Hasan Tariq

Head of Admin
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Shahid Ali

UI/UX Lead
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Maryam Zaka

Operations Lead

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