10 Perks of Managed IT Services For Small Businesses

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New tech inventions are making modern-day businesses easier and highly successful by generating useful and efficient insights into data. In fact, the in-house resources can do most of the work than before. The most noticeable and essential aspect of the business is the network which should be prioritized when it comes to maintenance. Thus, a team of managed IT services for small businesses should be present in-house to resolve the issues instantly.

Now every business is utilizing technology to excel and enhance efficiency. Moreover, they are relying on IT networks more. Hence, the funds for the IT management team are rising. Unfortunately, small businesses might have to sacrifice quantity and quality to maintain the network if the managed IT resources aren’t enough. The team of managed service providers is responsible for the following duties:

  • Data Backup
  • Network Security
  • IT Support
  • Communications
  • Network Administration

Perks Of Break-Fix Services Vs. Managed IT Services For Small Businesses
Before heading onto the pros of managed IT services Vs. break fix services, let us brief you about the break fix services;

The break-fixing services are not new in the market because they are quite useful in emergency situations. For instance, when any business is facing a problem with the network or the server is down, they call an IT expert to fix the issue. To solve it instantly, the break-fixers assist and diminish the expensive repair cost. This kind of reactive service is known as the break-fix approach. On the contrary, Managed IT services for small businesses provide a consistent approach to monitoring the systems to prevent any failures.

After reading the pros of managed services, you will be clear why it is essential to take managed IT services for small businesses for financial and business gains. So let’s begin!

  1. Predictable Reduced Cost
    You must be thinking is it possible to cut down the cost with managed services? The answer to this query is yes. It will make the expenses highly predictable. For instance, the managed services come in a package on a monthly or annual basis. Networks require frequent maintenance because they need replacement often. The managed service providers perform the maintenance and repairs which reduces the cost as well. Hence, there wouldn’t be any fluctuation in the budget. Consequently, there will be stability in the business.

  2. Minimized Downtime
    The downtime of the network can cause a huge cost to the business. Sometimes the servers fail and it causing malfunctioning of the network. For instance, electrical disruptions are probably to occur too. Such issues can occur anytime and it is essential to have a backup of systems.
    What if any human does a major blunder and wastes a huge chunk of time and there would not be a choice for eradicating it? So if you employ managed service providers, you can reduce the potential risks of critical systems.
    Attacks on the systems can steal networks and data. Small businesses are quite vulnerable to cyberattacks. In fact, 2/3rd of the cyberattacks are on small businesses because they do not have any protections which cause downtime of the server. If you do not have an experienced managed IT service provider to tackle the target effectively then it could enhance the recovering cost as well as server downtime too.

  3. Preventive Approach
    When something breaks in, you have to fix it. With data networks, nonetheless, the repairing cost can go out of the company’s budget. According to the business size, the security cost breach can reach up to millions of dollars. Rather than being in a hurry to call the experts, it’s essential to have an IT managed services provider in-house 24/7. They can monitor the problems and resolve the issues once the disaster occurs instantly. Saving the cost is one of the major reasons to get managed IT services for small businesses.

  4. Narrow Down Focus On Business
    What are the benefits to have managed IT services for small businesses? For instance, the MSP will reduce the load on the IT team to focus on other vital tasks of the company. The common insight of IT professionals is they perform menial repairs. So if the team is stuck with fixing the basic issues and resolving malfunctions, they must not have time for focusing on the projects which push the business ahead. For that, the managed network service provider can assist in redesigning the workflows and make the task automation efficient. And the good thing? It takes the burden of the daily procedures off your team which lets them focus on novelty.

  5. Data Compliance
    Many laws protect your company's data. Your team must determine which of the hundreds of current standards and regulations apply to your firm. While working, they must obey all relevant rules.
    The most common company standards are PCI DSS and HIPAA. Some companies may be unable to recover from fines and reputation damage for violating these and other standards.
    Avoid data security violations by outsourcing compliance and auditing to a managed services provider. They can also run reports and audits to show your company is compliant. This can save your in-house team hundreds of hours over time.

  6. Trustworthy Relationships With MSP
    MSP relationships are beneficial. Managed services connect your in-house team to technology vendors. They learn about your firm as a single point of contact.
    Not just a repair service, a reliable MSP can help your company grow. They care about your networks and systems and provide insights to boost your bottom line.

  7. Ongoing Support 24/7
    Managed IT services have remote technology for monitoring the systems day and night time. The real-time alerts can be easily corrected before even having a small impact on the business. If constant monitoring is not present, it would be tougher for resolving the network issues during the off-hours. If the system shuts down in the middle of the night, it will take more time for anyone else to find the issue. In other cases, the problem is not identified until the next day but till then significant damage already occurs. Best of all, the MSP can assist in improving cybersecurity efforts in the following ways.

    • Cyberattack Prevention
    • Updated Security Standards
    • Rapid Response
    • Regulatory Compliance

  8. Innovative Technology
    IT spends most on technology. It's hard to decide which equipment upgrades are best for your company. Investing in new network infrastructure only to find it doesn't meet your needs or your team can't run it is frustrating.
    Managed services provide access to cutting-edge technology. No more outdated methods or failed investments. MSP fees cover system updates.

  9. Low-Risk Factors
    Government regulations, financial conditions, market conditions, and evolving technologies risk every company. Companies must follow PCI DSS, ISO, and other data laws. A successful cyberattack could damage your company financially and reputationally, costing you clients and profits.
    Using an MSP for IT services can reduce these risks and secure your assets. MSPs can help you meet business security requirements. Their knowledge can help you stay compliant and secure.
    Managed IT services to prevent breaches. MSPs can find weaknesses and mitigate them. A secure system can inspire customer trust and company.

  10. Dedicated Effort
    Last but not least, the managed services providers make your job easier. You can rely on the MSP due to their expertise and knowledge for enhancing your security to focus on core business operations. If you are having in house IT professionals, they can aid with the following tasks:

    • End-user support
    • Cloud Computing
    • Disaster recovery planning
    • Data center solutions
    • Cybersecurity management
    • Asset and computer system management

Why Managed Services At Beaconhouse Technology?
Picking the right managed IT service for small businesses is important from a reliable firm. To ensure that you’ve chosen the right partner for your business. Consider these points in mind:

How to pick the right managed services partner?

Managed IT services for any business is a cost-efficient manner for increasing businesses’ competitiveness. A team of managed IT service providers will provide the best quality of equipment you can find in larger corporations.

With several years of technological expertise and a desire for top-tier service, Beaconhouse Technology is the ideal source for system management. We use innovative technology for monitoring services, firewalls, routers, and much more. Contact BT to learn how we can assist with managed IT services for small businesses and take the headache out with the best ROI for your network.