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Beaconhouse Technology is a Beaconhouse Group venture launched in 2019. It is a dynamic and fast-moving organization dedicated to the development of high-quality deliverables.

Carrying forward the culture and expertise of the IT department, Beaconhouse Technology is now establishing its presence in the international and national e-commerce markets as a full-fledged software house. The Beaconhouse Group needs no introduction in Pakistan due to its productive, powerful, and top-quality presence in diverse fields of life.

Be it educational services, professional development, solar energy services, procurement of educational materials, or the hospitality industry, the Beaconhouse Group has a proven track record of satisfied employees and customers. Every new venture proves to be another milestone towards its vision of keeping pace with emerging trends in education, technology, and commerce. Beaconhouse has a global presence in 7+ countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Oman, the UAE, Pakistan, and Belgium.

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