Scholastic VMS (Visitor Management System)



This product is designed to ensure seamless visitor experiences while prioritising security, compliance, and streamlined operations.


Key Features:


Visitor Convenience, Enhanced Security:

Scholastic VMS simplifies visitor registration while employing advanced technologies like facial recognition and ID card scanning for robust authentication, ensuring only authorised visitors gain access.


Pre-Registration & Instant Notifications:

Experience faster check-ins with pre-approved visitor lists. Our system sends instant notifications to hosts upon visitor arrival, enhancing operational efficiency and visitor satisfaction.


Customised Workflows & Access Control:

Tailor-made check-in workflows cater to diverse visitor types. Integration with access control systems allows seamless granting or denying access, optimising security protocols.


Real-time Tracking & Emergency Management:

Monitor visitor movements in real-time and ensure their safety during emergencies. Our VMS enables quick evacuation management, allowing you to account for every visitor efficiently.


Compliance & Data Protection:

We prioritise data protection. Scholastic VMS ensures GDPR compliance and allows visitors to consent to data collection, fostering trust and transparency.


Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics:

Generate insightful reports on visitor data and analyse trends to enhance security protocols. Access real-time statistics for informed decision-making.


Scalable & Integrated Solution:

Our VMS is designed for scalability, growing with your institution. Seamless integration with existing systems like CCTV cameras and alarm systems creates a comprehensive security network.


Brand Enhancement:

Collect visitor feedback, continuously refining the visitor experience. The system’s customizable interface ensures a seamless blend with your institution’s branding, enhancing your professional image.


The Scholastic Visitor Management System is not just a tool; it’s your institution’s strategic advantage. By choosing us, you invest in a comprehensive, scalable, and intuitive solution. But that's not all—imagine the convenience of online booking for meetings and events, effortlessly integrated with platforms like ZOOM. With Scholastic VMS, we seamlessly bridge the gap between physical and virtual interactions. Imagine a click of a button connecting your visitors and staff through virtual meetings, ensuring that communication flows effortlessly, regardless of physical presence.

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