5 Reasons Outsourced QA Testing Is Ideal for Ensuring Software Quality

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Creating top-selling software is a challenging task with several aspects, from generating a good idea to implementing it correctly. The margin of error seems to expand with each step. For example, suppose you have built software with excellent features but overlooked a bug. In that case, it could harm the perfectly crafted software. Perfection is achievable if you partner with an outsourced QA testing team.

As the famous saying goes, you can do 99 things right, but one wrong thing will capture everyone's attention. A single bug has the potential to damage the entire user experience and reduce its user-friendliness. These bugs are often the result of inadequate quality testing. Outsourced QA testing companies can identify bugs at the right time to ensure that no bugs exist in the final product.

An interesting fact about outsourced QA testing is that it gained popularity within a few years. Especially, in the software development industry. Actually, according to the grand view research report, the market size of global software testing services will reach $50.38 billion by 2026. Surprisingly, the growing CAGR will be 12.4 percent from 2019 to 2026. This huge growth can significantly enhance the demand for top-quality software products and the requirement for reducing time-to-market.

And the good news? outsourcing QA testing is now more accessible and highly cost-effective due to progressions in the tech industry and obtainability in skilled professionals such as India, Ukraine, and China. Above all, outsourcing QA testing is now a vital component in building software, to ensure the best software products which are tested thoroughly, reliably, and fulfill the end-user’s expectations.

Why Outsourced QA Testing Is The Best To Ensure Software Quality? - Reasons

Why Outsourced QA Testing Is The Best To Ensure Software Quality? - Reasons

Since it can be costly to maintain an in-house QA team, here are five reasons why outsourced QA testing is the best way to ensure software quality:

  1. A Fresh Perspective
    Perspective is essential for viewing anything accurately. For instance, quality testing by an in-house team may uncover fewer issues. However, outsourcing QA testing can identify even the smallest issues due to a fresh perspective. In-house developers are already burdened with developing software, and after hours of hard work, they may not be able to identify all the bugs. However, outsourcing QA testing can highlight the latest features and issues in the software. QA testing is essential to make award-winning software.

  2. An Unbiased Opinion
    Whether knowingly or unknowingly, in-house teams may have a sense of bias in their work. They are less likely to find flaws in their software as they may assume that they worked hard to produce a perfect outcome. Although it is good to be positive, outsourcing QA testing can provide an unbiased opinion, emphasizing the importance of reviewing the software twice. An unbiased opinion can make a significant difference in making the product the best it can be.

  3. Lower Cost
    Cost is one of the most crucial aspects to consider in any task. Fortunately, outsourcing QA can help reduce costs. It prevents overhead costs associated with maintaining a QA team, including salaries, benefits, office equipment, training costs, and more. These costs can significantly increase the cost of developing software. Moreover, outsourcing QA testing to companies in India and China can provide cheaper services.

  4. Easy to Scale
    With several top-tier QA companies worldwide, it is not tough to pick one. The acquisition cost is low, which reduces the project's cost as well. Additionally, outsourcing QA makes the project easier to scale. It removes the burden of hiring people for a project and puts it in responsible hands. Reliable QA companies have a better understanding of the depth of recruiting for handling requests.

  5. Improves Time Efficiency
    Companies often overestimate their ability to create error-free software. Each organization has numerous resources that they use to strengthen and create the best software. By outsourcing several steps of the quality assessment process, you can relieve a massive burden from your in-house team so they can focus on better development and resolving QA process issues. This reduces the time required to launch the software, yielding better results.

    Bonus Tip From An Expert:

    While you're still with us, here's a bonus point on why outsourced QA testing is the perfect choice to ensure the best software quality. Indeed, QA testing companies have an excellent grip on their tasks. They can handle the accountability for assessing several software development companies throughout the year. It would not be surprising if their report after testing is much more detailed than any in-house team can produce.

Looking Ahead? Exciting Future Trends for Outsourced QA Testing
Outsourcing QA testing is constantly rising, and there are many amazing future trends expected to form the industry. Below are some of the basic trends that you need to watch out!

  • Increased Adoption Of Automation:
    Automation is one of the basic trends in the QA outsourcing testing industry, and it will continue to grow in the future. Automation in the testing tools will assist in enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and better testing accuracy.

  • Emphasis On Security Testing:
    With the rising number of cyberattacks, security testing is now quite critical. Outsourcing QA testing companies are also expected to emphasize security tests, including vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

  • Integration Of AI And Machine Learning:
    Artificial intelligence is expected to be integrated into the QA testing procedure, which enables accurate and efficient testing. AI will be best for identifying the data, predicting the potential issues, and streamlining the procedures of testing.

  • More Focus On Performance Testing:
    Performance testing is not easy because software development is becoming complex and used on several platforms. Outsourced QA testing companies are going to focus on performance testing, like stress and load testing.

  • Rise Of Virtual Testing Environments:
    With growing positions of remote work and virtual teams, remote testing is becoming prevalent. Such environments can mimic worldly scenarios, allowing broader testing without any physical hardware.

Where To Find The Best-Outsourced Resources? 
The right QA company can help speed up processes while maintaining software quality. We talked about several choices at the start, so let us narrow down the options by choosing a resource outsourcing company. Beaconhouse Technology offers to outsource IT services to provide unbiased assessments and build high-performance software. With several years of experience, we can provide a detailed view of which software can benefit you and what your software lacks to reach the next level. Visit us for more!