How To Find A Reliable Magento 2 Development Company?

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Any valuable idea cannot be practical until or unless you have the right individuals to do it. For any Magento project, you must hire more than one individual to handle the code. In short, selecting a professional Magento 2 development company is always beneficial because they have domain knowledge. Therefore, implementing the ideas in the form of development will be successful.

Due to technological advancements, it is vital to stay informed regarding the latest developments. This is why freelance Magento developers are unreliable in the long term, as they aren't aware of the company's requirements, working procedures, and future strategies. The Magento 2 development company has optimistic approaches with long-term gains that freelancers do not have.

In a few years, many firms have been using Magento products. In fact, the ratio is increasing quite rapidly. So, it should not be surprising that Magento skills are in demand. The companies are looking forward to hiring a Magento agency to collaborate. But how to find the best Magento 2 development company? You are spot on; here, we'll provide a solution.

Importance Of A Magento 2 Development Company
Importance Of A Magento 2 Development Company

A strong relationship with Magento 2 development company you are dealing with is equally advantageous. In fact, relationships are built with mutual interests, experiences, and values. After all, if you value the expertise, you will be enthusiastic about paying extra money for hiring a Magento 2 development company that aims to build an enduring partnership with you.

Beaconhouse technology is a Magento 2 development company with an elongated and excellent experience in providing IT solutions to their clients. Still, to figure out which unique qualities Magento 2 development company offers when hiring for your website development, you must keep the following points in mind:

  1. Expertise
    Website development entails a wide range of expertise from the developer's end. Thus, the Magento 2 development company should have skilled developers and vast experience. Beaconhouse technology has several years of experience customizing page layouts and providing other Magento services. Magento is a leading and most frequently used site in eCommerce solutions. And the best thing? It continuously grows in businesses due to its viable, useful, and innovative features.

  2. Reliability
    Beaconhouse technology is a reliable Magento 2 development company providing flexible, easiest PHP-based solutions. As you know, Magento is an open-source application growing quite rapidly at a small pace. Additionally, it has built-in features for increasing the website's security on a particular platform.

  3. Accountability
    There are a group of professionals working in the Magento 2 development company. Thus, there would be higher accountability to produce better security and quality for the site. With Magento 2 development company, you will have amazing security features and spectacular competence.

Why Prefer A Magento Development 2 Company?

Magento 2 development company have interfacing capabilities to ensure the best growth of business online. The Magento developers of Beaconhouse technology can create the most effective models of Magento to boost your eCommerce. As an expert Magento development company, we can support your online presence in the marketplace with our expertise in web-based business development.

A Magento 2 development company has a team of expert developers to perform various duties of Magento flawlessly, including the following:

  • Theme development of Magento
  • Responsive user interface of Magento
  • Custom themes and creating modules
  • Magento module development
  • Categories to import data
  • Magento configuration settings
  • Building new CMS pages
  • Upgrading the security
  • Testing Magento website performance
  • Building Magento add-ons/ extensions
  • SEO-friendly implementation
  • Troubleshooting the Magento website interface
  • Magento migration
  • Magento Drupal integration
  • Magento customization and support
  • Magento business intelligence
  • Magento design and consultation

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What Is Magento 2?

what is magento2?

The first thing that strikes our mind is how Magento 2 differs from Magento 1. What are the new features in it that were lacking previously? And is it really worth switching to Magento 2?

Let us contemplate some of the drawbacks of Magento 1. For instance, it was not flexible, due to which Magento 2 became popular at a short pace. In addition to having a steep learning slope and potentially slowing down, Magento 1 lacks features that its competitors offer, including portable responsiveness. So Magento 2 is ideally addressing all those issues.

The differences include architecture, speed and performance, extensions, dashboards, SEO, security, and pricing. For instance, Magento 2 is more user-friendly than the old Magento. Moreover, Magento 2 has better speed overall because it supports the latest PHP, CSS3, HTML5, and MySQL. Best of all, Magento 2 load faster and takes more orders in less time.

Additionally, Magento 2 functions quite in a user-friendly way previously which was lagging, and there was no cleaner coding. It is streamlining the checkout process from time taking six stages of Magento 1. Magento 2 has only two checkout stages now for a better user experience.

Magento Development Companies Vs. Freelancers – 3 Motives

  • Transparency: A major issue that most clients face is transparency while working with freelancers. So, if you have a Magento development 2 company, there would not be a lack of transparency. Things get quite easier to monitor because companies have a physical setup, team, infrastructure, etc.

  • Deadlines: A professional company is very conscious about its deadlines. They would not delay any agreement made with their client. Bonus! A company does not rely on one resource, and they have backup plans as well.

  • Experience:  If you are hiring a Magento development company, they must have years of experience in dealing with the technicalities of the Magento project. They can solve problems quickly, which prevents any sort of lag.

Final Verdict!

This was an in-depth overview of finding a reliable Magento 2 development company for your website. Choosing an experienced Magento 2 development company like beaconhouse technology certifies that you entail complete security for the Magento website and get support at any instance. Beaconhouse Technology is a Magento development agency that incorporates an all-embracing history in providing brilliant solutions to its clients. Magento is a leading and high-in-demand eCommerce platform worldwide. Our agency will assist you with the expertise in teamwork, tech knowledge, the rapid pace of work, and much more that is impossible with a freelancer Magento developer. To know our Magento development services in detail, consult us today!