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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that allows access to source code and provides an option for modification per your choices. Those individuals who are looking forward to building a custom e-commerce store should consider Magento. This article will explain all essentials regarding choosing a Magento 2 development company. Beaconhouse Technology assists small to large-scale businesses with their eCommerce development requirements. Moreover, it builds its Magento stores appealing to deliver the consumers the best and most highly satisfactory shopping experience. Our Magento developers provide vital Magento development solutions for building an e-store from scratch, including all the functionalities and features or improving an existing one.

Why Is Magento 2 Popular?
Magento is an ideal source of marketing and features design capabilities for UX. It has great speed and amazing scalability and provides customizable options. And most importantly, it is an open-source platform.

Services Of A Magento 2 Development Company

Services Of A Magento 2 Development Company

We are offering several Magento 2 development solutions worldwide for delivering the required results in a hassle-free way. Below is the list of Magento services that you can gain.

Custom Magento Development:
Our expert Magento developers work to fulfill business requirements by crafting custom website designs and business-specific functionality.

Magento eCommerce Solutions:
We offer Magento e-commerce solutions that are completely scalable, high-performing, feature-packed, and developed to be secure and deliver top-notch results.

Magento Support & Maintenance:
We offer support and maintenance services for small to large enterprises. Furthermore, we support, especially those suffering from integrated Magento environments.

Magento Extension Development:
When you have explicit business requirements, we try to cover them with our Magento 2 solutions. Also, we follow different approaches that fit well according to the prime objective.

Magento Speed Optimization:
We can make an online store with speed optimization. Plus, you can rely on us to remain stress-free and allow us to enhance the speed of your Magento site. With performance optimization, Magento customers can have an amazing shopping experience. Besides sales, speed is crucial for noticing the online store's performance.

Theme Design & Integration:
We target the business’s vision and construct the site according to the Magento theme design to make it worthwhile. Our Magento experts have the caliber to modify designs and templates. In this way, be the exactly expected looks and great feel through customized themes.

BT’s Other Magento 2 Development Services

Magento 2 Development Services

With years of experience in Magento, our Magento 2 experts look forward to growth by building Magento 2 stores or migrating them from Magento 1. The Magento 2 services will help the client to lead on the right path and create an engaging Magento site. Following are the Magento 2 services that we are offering:

  • B2B and B2C portal development
  • E-store and PWA development
  • App and extension development
  • eCommerce website development

A top Magento 2 development company is ideal for having a strategic, technical, client, and economic results. We assist our clients in building or improving the Magento sites. We can also integrate the e-commerce sites with the needed third-party services and applications. However, recrafting online websites from scratch is not a meek task. We, as a recognized Magento 2 development company, offer the following services:

  • Content management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Invoice management
  • User-friendly checkout
  • Shipping and order management
  • SEO layout
  • Digital Marketing
  • Multiple payment options
  • Data privacy
  • Mobile commerce services
  • Content management integration

Mobile Commerce Services
We are not limited to providing Magento website development services only. In fact, we offer Magento services on mobile platforms to make your business more accessible to customers. For instance, for Magento 2 development company, we can build an application that is quick and simple to use on mobile devices. Furthermore, it boosts business revenue by hopping into the most tech-savvy clients and has several other advantages. Our mobile e-commerce services include these:

  • Mobile-application design
  • Mobile/ user-friendly checkout
  • Mobile commerce analytics
  • Order and payment management
  • Mobile responsive themes
  • Mobile commerce cloud solutions
  • Advanced application with business intelligence
  • Mobile commerce cloud services

Aspects To Consider Before Selecting A Magento 2 Development Company

Aspects To Consider Before Selecting A Magento 2 Development Company

Before looking for a Magento development company, you must keep some requirements in mind. The points listed below will assist in helping you and Magento 2 development company to build the right path toward growth.

  1. Business Goals
    Finding a perfect solution is easy when you state the problem correctly. A broad aspect of understanding the business goals assists in drawing the right strategy. Also, you can easily pick the Magento developers who match your requirements up to 100 percent.

  2. Time Frame And Budget
    Budget is a critical factor while working on a website development project. Especially when you have to add new features, a Magento 2 development company can provide the perfect solution within the budget and required time frame with top-quality work

  3. Ways For Effective Communication
    Communication is essential when it comes to collaborating with any company. For instance, choose an easy communication method for you and the Magento 2 development company. Communication ways include emails, discord, zoom, phones, and google talk. Choose a suitable option for effectively delivering the messages or asking any queries.

To Sum Up
A broad range of IT companies is offering Magento 2 development services. And it is quite daunting to choose one that fits well for your business. Picking a reliable Magento 2 development company for starting your Magento project is a tough row, especially when you are not experienced in it.

To make your task easier, you must figure out how long the company has been working for Magento in the market. Besides, you need to know how many Magento developers will work on your project. And how they will be protecting the sensitive information of your company. Plus, what is the competence of the communication flow?

The Beaconhouse Technology Magento 2 development team has all that is essential for building a high-quality store by utilizing top-notch industry practices. We have been working for years to assist B2B, and B2C companies in constructing a solid ground for their success and expansion in online sales. We offer a broad range of Magento 2 development services. So are you interested in joining our list of happy clients? Or want to know more about our Magento developers? Let’s have a call!