Think 'Short & Fat' To Make Better Value With Managed Network Services

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Focused execution with managed network services is a step towards a win-win situation. This is particularly true for companies and organizations working on projects, tasks, the implementation of plans, and portfolio management to generate the most value possible. This is why Beconhouse Technology believes in creating short and fat projects and offers advice on implementing them.
managed network services refer to outsourcing the management and maintenance of a company's network infrastructure to a third-party provider. These services include network design and planning, implementation, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Moreover, the provider is responsible for confirming that the network runs smoothly and efficiently and making necessary updates or changes. This can help a company save on costs and resources while ensuring that its network is always up-to-date and secure.
The two primary reasons for relentless growth in the network management services market are a digital transformation and the need to lower capital expenditure. Plus, it is expected to be worth $ 95 billion worldwide by 2027. In fact, the businesses struggling to maintain stability regarding expense reduction with higher LAN and WAN are migrating towards managed network services.

The Short And Fat Tactic With Managed Network Services
Short And Fat Tactic With Managed Network Services

"Short and fat" in the context of management network services refers to creating more value through a smaller, more focused set of services. Instead of trying to offer a wide range of services, a managed service provider can focus on a few key areas and deliver them exceptionally well. This approach can help to create more value for the customer by:

  1. Improving Service Quality
    By focusing on a smaller set of managed network services, the provider can invest more resources in perfecting their delivery and support.

    2.  Increasing Efficiency
    A provider offering a smaller set of services can work on fewer projects simultaneously, allowing them to focus on each one more effectively, reducing errors.

    3.  Reducing Costs
    A provider focusing on a smaller set of services can invest more resources to develop those services, reducing costs.

    4.  Focusing On Customers' Needs
    Providers can better understand their customers' needs by providing a small yet significant set of managed network services.

    5.  Building a Reputation

    By focusing on a smaller set of services, the provider can build a reputation for being an expert in those areas.
    In summary, the "short and fat" approach in managed network services means offering a smaller set of services but delivering them exceptionally well to create more customer value.
    Adding more resources is not always the best course of action when a project is delayed and begins to take on a long, thin shape. When more players or resources come into play, there is a higher need for written records of the events since there are more opinions, meetings, coordination, and meetings. In real life, rather than merely as a list or graph in a PowerPoint presentation, think about whether it could be preferable to divide a project into smaller initiatives.
    "Adding people to a late software project makes it late," according to Brooks' law.
    Role Of Managed Service Providers (MSP’s)
    Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a critical role in the effective and efficient operation of a company's IT infrastructure. The main responsibilities of an MSP include:
    1.     Proactive monitoring and maintenance
    2.     Technical support
    3.     Software and hardware management
    4.     Network security
    5.     Data backup and recovery
    6.     Cloud computing
    7.     Compliance
    Let us head forward to learn the benefits of availing the network management services from a provider.

    Benefits Of Having A Managed Network Services Provider
    Benefits Of Having A Managed Network Services Provider
    There are several benefits to having a network managed services provider, including:

    1.  Expertise
    MSP’s have specialized knowledge and experience in network management, which can help ensure that a company's network runs efficiently and securely.

    2.  Scalability
    They can easily scale their services to meet the changing needs of a business, which can save a company from having to invest in expensive equipment or staff.

    3.  Proactive Maintenance
    MSP’s can proactively monitor and maintain a company's network, which can help to prevent problems before they occur.

    4.  Increased Security
    MSP can also help to ensure that a company's network is secure and compliant with industry standards.

    5.  Access to New Technology
    They often have access to the latest technology and can provide their customers with new services and features they might not have been able to afford otherwise.

    6.  24/7 Monitoring
    The provider of management network services can monitor and maintain the network 24/7, ensuring that problems are addressed immediately and that the network is always available to the end users.
    7.  Reduced Risk
    By outsourcing network management to a managed service provider, a company can reduce the risk of network failures. Plus, they can prevent other problems resulting in lost productivity and revenue.
    "Beginning together, continuing together, and succeeding together are the three pillars of success." Ford Henry.

    A State of Consciousness That Demands Prolonged Focus!
    Even the finest supervisors, project managers, and workers occasionally agree to projects, tasks, and procedures that start to resemble long, thin snakes. Frequently, it takes place gradually and without our knowledge. Because of this, it's critical to think of being short and fat as a mentality to adopt and a best practice. The entire firm should work together to keep one another accountable for following this procedure. If you are successful in doing this, you will be paving the way for a professional and healthy culture that folks want to be a part of, one with explicit priorities and directives that leads directly from execution to value.
    Beaconhouse Technology offers network managed services to help free up the internal informational technology assets for focusing on any business's modern needs and supporting the central application.
    You must consider these advantages if you consider having managed network services for your business. Do you want to increase productivity while cutting costs in your company? The best personnel, policies, and tools are in place at Beaconhouse Technology to support IT success. Call us right away!