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Loyalty App: A loyalty app helps you find, register, reward, and keep customers interested by giving them completely personalized offers at any time with little cost and effort.


BEL Mobile Application


Project Title: Development of BEL Mobile Application

Purpose: Marketing  (Earn through referring friends and family) 

Duration: 4 Months 


  • There was no mobile app for the product.

  • A referral system was needed to engage and retain customers.

  • The outreach to the audience was limited due to the absence of a mobile app. 



Our experienced technical team came up with the following solutions to the problems and ways to help them improve their business:

  • Mobile apps for Android/IOS were developed

  • Users can register via their email address or phone number.

  • The app has a verification mechanism for security. 

  • Convenient, third-party login via email address, phone number, and Google account is provided.

  • Users can send a referral to any person through their cell phones to anyone on their contact list.

  • A record of their referrals and their status will be maintained in the app. 



Laravel, React Native, Bootstrap, MySQL


We Construct Custom Loyalty Platforms For Enterprises And Brands.

  • With our innovative technology, we work meticulously with organizations and enterprises to assist their brand's ambition and reward customer behaviour.
  • Loyalty App will help you to invite customers through offers and promotions.
  • You can send customer greetings, bonuses, and notifications through the loyalty app - even if you do not have any information about the customer.







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