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School Operations Portal: The school operations portal is a web page secured and created for an academic institution to help individuals access their academic details. Additionally, the school verifies the identity of the user before giving them access.


UCS Portal


Project Title: Development of United Chartered Schools Portal 

Duration: Ongoing 




  • They did not have any online presence. 
  • Facilitation for multiple Franchises (Franchise onboarding, branch management, employee management, student admission, invoicing) was difficult.
  • Integration with a bank for student fees was missing.
  • A Royalty calculation system was needed for all the branches.
  • A lesson plan management system was required to manage lesson plans for each class.
  • A business Analytics system was required for better visualization of data.



The following customized features were provided: 


  • A customized web application
  • Authorization-based login for franchises and employees on a single platform
  • Custom APIs to the bank for students fees processing
  • Royalty calculation and accumulative reports for all franchises
  • Lesson Plan Management where Subject Coordinators can create lesson plans for each class and all lessons can be saved under one storage
  • Updated reports of paid, and unpaid invoices, royalty calculation, and attendance.



Laravel, JQuery, MySQL





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